What Our Members Have To Say!





Emma B.
Calabasas, Ca

"I actually love what they have in the boxes because when I'm on my menstrual midol and chocolate is all I ever want. Lol. It's a girl's dream."

Angelia K.
Waldorf, MD

"Tuff time lets you pick which brand you would like to receive. They have a lot of different options and you can select pads or tampons and liners. I'm for sure going to keep using tuff time."

Norma J.
Beaumont, TX

"The box was a decent size, and since this was the first time I had received this box, I was anxious to see what was included. Once I saw what was in it I was surprised because it was way better that what I expected."

Janie T.
San Francisco, CA

"I love these! They come right on time every month and I never worry about my period anymore. I really recommend tuff time to all the ladies out there."

Deborah J.
Detroit, MI

"OMG it came right on time! I was so happy to see it. It had just enough chocolate for me and thank god for the idol because I have been getting bad cramps."